Fermodel Module Standards

Download the Fermodel Model Railroad Club standards file here (in pdf format).


The modules created by the Fermodel Model Railroad Club members presented at the events and exhibitions follow some specific standards, created with the aim of standardising, facilitating the construction, and provide a standard connecting between each member module.

Each member is free to design their own module(s) in the environment they like, however, there must be some harmony between all modules, to allow a smooth transition between each environment, and also allowing different combinations of modules.

We present below the construction standards for the Fermodel Model Railroad Club modules.

The modules have a standard measurement of 1200mm by 600mm, with a height of 1000mm (the height measurement is adjustable through self-threaded feet).
We strongly recommend that the top of the module is made by a single8mm part of plywood, in order to prevent small mismatches in the wood pieces due to constant transport between the various locations.
For the sidewalls, we recommend pieces of 1200mm by 100mm, with 8mm thick.

The module tops must obey a fixed square, in order to assure a perfect connection between modules. This is an absolutely a crucial point and assures the circulation of the trains and consists at the module junctions is fluid with no danger of derailment.

The placement of tracks also has specific rules, with some exceptions, which must be properly designed and accepted by the direction or commission formed for this purpose. There are some modules, such as the modules for the docks by Filipe Almeida and Carlos Aguilar, which were previously thought out and designed to have more space at the rear to recreate a maritime port environment.

Apart from these exceptions, the track placement measurements are 185mm and 262.5mm, counted from the front of the module (public part) to the centre of the track.

The tracks to be used must be C or K tracks from Märklin, and the placement of each one has its special and own specifications.

When using K track, it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a little lower than the C track, and as such, a height of 5mm must be added.

To assure that modules presented by Fermodel Model Railroad Club members can have a very high dynamic component, there are other additional module configurations, designed for this purpose.

For example, there is the possibility of building a small basic module, obeying the standard rules for placing the track, and then attaching other modules in the back. In these modules it's possible to create an extra circuit, independent of the main line circuit, where trains are operated independently.

Here you can see the multiples modules built by Fermodel Model Railroad Club members.

Download the Fermodel Model Railroad Club standards file here (in pdf format).


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