Fermodel 2018 model railroad exhibition

Since the first participation in Locomodels model railroad exhibition in 2017, Fermodel Model Railroad Club members have created new modules, as seen in the 2018 edition, held on June 1st (International Children's Day) of that year, which was presented at Pavilhão dos Lombos in Carcavelos, Municipality of Cascais.

This model railroad exhibition was sponsored by the Parish Council of Carcavelos & Parede using the facilities provided by CRC Quinta dos Lombos.

The President of the Municipility of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras, as well as the President of the Parish Council of Carcavelos & Parede, Mr. Nuno Alves dignified the event and was a motive of proud for the Fermodel Model Railroad Club.

Several economic agents in the sector were present, as well as a large audience consisting largely of families with childrens.

The success of this expo exceeded our best expectations and launched Fermodel Model Railroad Club, as a group of railway modelers, into the national spotlight.

Photographic record of the model railroad exhibition

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